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About us

Since 2000 it has started the pvc joinery wood production. By equipping our factory with modern technology, we could make the drying, layering and the wood treatment in a way that offers us the oportunity for a better control of the product’s quality. The decision of buying the latest equipment heped us to increase the accuracy.

The continued development, the acumulated expecience, the orietnation towards the high quality raw materials and accessories, and owing a technology that is in line with the European standard certificates allows the implementation of any demanding project requested by our customers.

Quality is the most important thing for us and we strive to satisfy our customers demands. The main product range consist of exterior carpentry wood( entrance doors, windows and fixed showcases), interior doors, interior stairs, window sills and in some cases to complete the work it can be ordered some other wooden products specific to each interior design.

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